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Snappy Snoozers® are for Dogs & Cats


 Snappy Snoozers® Orthopedic Pet Beds is a patented design. Even though our mattress is inflatable, it is designed with PVC making it  extremely durable & claw proof. However, we do not recommend for chewers. When we saw how most cats took to our beds we, offered it to several cat rescues, making a new market of customers.

Provide your pet with extreme comfort with a Snappy Snoozers®


While our beds are made to alleviate joint pain and discomfort, they are also extremely comfortable and customizable. We offer a variety of quilt colors that attach to  the mattress. 

Snap & Nap


Cleaning of pet beds has always been a challenge for pet owners.The lengthy downtime with a pet bed, zippers that break within washing process,cushions that lose shape and size, encasings and sheets that become too small after washing process. Most beds will smell bad because the cushion can;t be washed, only the cover. Snappy Snoozers® makes cleaning easy with a wipeable PVC mattress along with a snap-able washable cover our beds are 100% Sanitize-able!

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Snappy Snoozers® Orthopedic Pet Beds

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About Us

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Snappy Snoozers® exhibited at Global Pet Expo & Super Zoo

Owner & Creator Roberta K. MacDowell exhibited at two of the biggest trade shows within the pet industry.  Global Pet Expo, that is held every year in Orlando, FL. that is specially for pets & Superzoo that takes place in Las Vegas, NV. Snappy Snoozers® pet beds was able to partner with Walmart & Amazon, two of the largest retailers for dog beds.


Why Snappy Snoozers® was created:

Snappy Snoozers® Orthopedic pet beds was designed for the busy pet owner and aging pet. Today, most pets are living longer while most pet owners work longer hours. Snappy Snoozers® is an easy to clean & sanitize mattress with an attachable washable quilt.  Our beds are clean in a snap!


Why Snappy Snoozers is different:

Our Orthopedic Pet  Bed Are:

  • Easy to clean & Sanitize
  • Ideal for pets that incontinence & arthritis issues
  • Great for travel
  • Orthopedic
  • Machine washable snap-able quilts
  • Indoors/outdoors
  • Does not harbor fleas or ticks
  • Does not lose shape or size
  • Due to the inflatable concept, mattress can be customized based on how much air is added.

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